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Program at a Glance









Program Overview

Here’s More Detail:

Training & Mentorship:

The core of your learning will take place through a highly customized and curated selection of online self-guided training modules within Trailhead.  Trailhead is Salesforce's interactive, online learning platform designed to teach users how to use Salesforce effectively.  It has over 1,000 self-guided modules and numerous courses covering various aspects of Salesforce, including administration, development, and specific product lines.  It offers a gamified approach with a range of informative articles and “hands-on” challenges that cater to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced users.


Our program consists of our own selection of these modules tailored for artists and musicians who are new to the tech industry, and will teach you some of the fundamentals and basics of the Salesforce system. Through this course you will discover the best way for you to learn and retain information, and you’ll learn about Salesforce and the different careers opportunities there  And most importantly, you will have the experience of actually working within the Salesforce system which will enable you to decide if a career in the Salesforce technology word (sometimes called “ecosystem” is a good fit for you


Our mentorship program is crafted to speak directly to you: artists who want to build a sustainable and fulfilling career that combines your artistic background with a foundation in technology.  Our mentors are just like you - artists/performers who have built hybrid careers combining Salesforce Admin work,  alongside their arts interests.  So, during this time, you’ll be working with and guided by a mentor who has been on this same career journey, and is living that “hybrid career” right now. See the backgrounds of our mentors here.

You’ll work with a mentor weekly for 30 minutes to an hour to help keep you on track and answer questions.  We supplement the training with our own “knowledge check” tests along the way to make sure your skills are honed.  

Salesforce Associate Certification:

The technology industry, unlike other fields, does not rely as heavily on college or graduate school degrees as a measure of your knowledge or experience.  Rather it recognizes “certifications” which are gained by course-work or projects within a particular industry or technology system. 

Salesforce offers a whole array of certifications which are professional credentials that validate an individual's expertise in specific areas of Salesforce, such as administration, development, and specialized consultant roles. Earning these certifications demonstrates a high level of proficiency with Salesforce platforms and solutions.  Obtaining a Salesforce certification enhances your career opportunities, as it signals to employers a commitment to professional development and expertise in the Salesforce ecosystem.

At the end of our program we will prepare you to take the exam for the very first of these Salesforce credentials --- Associate Certification, which will indicate a level of basic understanding of Salesforce administration, and set you on a path for future learning and certifications. 

Community of Peers:

You’ll be part of a community of like minded peers who are pursuing (or have pursued) the same path forward. We’ll introduce you to others so you can learn more about their careers and learning process.

Resume Prep and Interview Skills:

We will help you build an effective cover letter and resume for Salesforce roles, and provide coaching on the questions you’ll likely hear in an interview, including mock interviews with your mentor to help you practice your answers.

Job Search Guidance:

Although we cannot guarantee you a job, we will provide placement assistance to help you understand what further training youl would need to land an appropriate entry-level technology position.  Our focus can be on helping you identify  positions in nonprofits that need technology support, or companies that support nonprofits.

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