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It’s no secret that for many artists,  it takes more than just art to make ends meet. Many who complete music performance or acting degrees don’t have full-time, well-paying jobs in their field. They need to find additional sources of income. Often, this means juggling two separate careers, splitting time between their artistic craft and sporadic freelance work, or scrambling to find (usually low-paying) part-time jobs, such as waiting tables or working in retail.


And faced with this reality, some give up entirely.  Despite having worked with a singular focus to pursue their art for years, they end up with lives that don’t include their craft at all. They're often left with a feeling of failure, the betrayal of leaving behind a goal they'd been pursuing since childhood.


If any of this sounds familiar to you -- we get you!  Why?  Because we're speaking from our own experience -- we too are artists who fit the above description at one point in our careers.


But now we’ve found a better way, and we’re here to help you do the same!

The team at Stage and Screen Careers originally came together in the early 2010s working at PatronManager - a company that provides ticketing/fundraising and marketing technology for cultural organizations.  Gene Carr,  founder of Stage and Screen Careers, was also the founder/CEO of PatronManager.  The PatronManager software product was built within a highly specialized business-oriented database system called, which you can read about more here. 

Helping arts organizations navigate the Salesforce technology platform required a significant number of staff members to become trained as “salesforce database administrators.”   To fill these jobs, following an innovative staffing approach, we recruited artists, actors, and musicians, many of whom initially had limited or technology experience. This worked really well and led to a fascinating revelation: the skills and traits common in creative artists, such as creativity, problem-solving, and attention to detail, are highly valuable in the role of a Salesforce Database Administrator.

Today, many former PatronManager staff members  have gone on to build "hybrid careers" that work well for them. They continue to successfully blend their artistic endeavors, continuing to perform, teach or  work in arts administration, or participating on arts boards, (or all of the above!) alongside a well paying tech job. This unique combination offers them not just financial stability but also the flexibility to pursue their artistic passions in ways they never imagined.

Did you know that the tech industry is not just for coders and IT experts?  We’re here to tell you that many professional musicians and other artists have unique and fulfilling careers -- a “hybrid career” that combines their music-making, with a well-paying and flexible job in tech.  

Here is some background on who we are, what we’re offering, and an introduction to some of these artists -- people whose careers we think may inspire you.

Meet Some Techie-Artists.

These short interviews with these “techie-artists”  who will explain how they got started, what they do and how tech fits into their lives and their careers.

Meet, Rachel Hands.

Rachel is a classically trained french horn player who has been working in tech for 13 years. This is her story, and her advice.

Meet, Jude Shimer.

Jude Shimer is a multi-talented performer, composer, and Salesforce database admin.

Meet, Marques Hollie.

 Marques has been singing professionally for over a decade. Hear their insight on how they use a freelance career in Salesforce to balance their art & rabbinical studies.

Meet, Marie Webb.

Marie is a touring opera singer who also has a thriving freelance Salesforce Admin practice.

You can watch all of our interviews

Program Offering Summary 

Hands On Projects

Our 12-week part-time Stage and Screen Careers introductory program will begin your journey of career transformation by working through a series of online modules and “hands on” projects that will  expose you to how the Salesforce system works.  You’ll learn about the types of tasks and techniques involved and willl gain  experience in doing actual database administration work.

Salesforce Mentor

During this  program, we will pair you with an experienced Salesforce Admin mentor who will meet with you on a weekly basis and help guide your learning, and keep you on track.  At the conclusion of the program, you’ll take a Salesforce certification exam, which will be your first professional indicator, demonstrating your level of achievement. 

Discover Technology

And most importantly, through this initial program, you will discover if the technology field appeals to you, and if you feel it could be  something you could imagine working in.  

Click the button below to learn about the details of our introductory program.

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