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Spring 2023 Session  

Note:  Our Spring 2023 Program is now underway.

Quick Summary:


  • WHAT: A 12-week mentoring program focused on Salesforce Admin training

  • WHO: A curated group of 10-15 participants 

  • WHEN:  Starting date TBA (based on registrations.) 

  • WHERE:  Online, self-guided, plus periodic Zoom meetings (see details below)

Our Winter 2023 session is crafted to speak directly to you: artists who want to build a sustainable and fulfilling career that combines your artistic background with a foundation in technology.  During this time, you’ll be working with and guided by a group of people who have been on this career journey, and are living that experience right now. 

Here’s an overview of what to expect


  • Technology Industry Job Introduction:   This program will help prepare you for a very specific technology role – that of a Salesforce Admin.  We’ll help you understand the role of a Salesforce Admin through online materials and live Zoom sessions.  

  • Training Roadmap and Mentorship:   We will present you with a 12-week curated selection of self-guided online training modules selected from Salesforce’s free online training platform, Trailhead.  You’ll be assigned a mentor (see backgrounds of our mentors here) who will check in with you on a bi-weekly basis to help keep you on track, and we will provide our own “knowledge check” tests along the way to make sure your skills are honed.  Our mentors are just like you - artists/performers who have built hybrid careers combining Salesforce Admin work, along with their arts interests. 

    At the end of our program you will be prepared to take the Associate Certification, which will be a helpful credential towards getting a job. 

  •  Group sessions:  We will schedule periodic group “Q&A” Zoom sessions with guest artists who are doing the exact kinds of jobs you are training for.

  • Community of Peers:  You’ll be part of a community of like minded peers who are pursuing (or have pursued) the same path forward. We’ll add you to a Slack channel so that you can reach out and collaborate with other members of your cohort.


  • Resume Prep and Interview Skills: We will help you build an effective resume for Salesforce roles, and provide coaching on the questions you’ll likely hear in an interview, including mock interviews with your mentor to help you practice your answers.


  • Job Search Guidance:  Although we cannot guarantee you a job, we will provide placement assistance to help you land an appropriate entry-level technology position.  Our focus is on helping you identify  positions in nonprofits that need technology support, or companies that support nonprofits.


Pricing and Payment Plans

We offer three payment plans that we hope fit most everyone’s needs.  As you consider these choices, keep in mind that our goal is to help you land a full-time entry level positions that should enable you to earn the fees you pay us in your first month or two.

Pay It Back Plan (24 Months):


  • Monthly payments of $162.50 for 24 months, starting in week 1  

  • Total: $3,900  

Pay It Back Plan (12 Months):


  • Monthly payments of $266.50 for 12 months, starting in week 1

  • Total: $3,198


Upfront Payment Plan

$2,950 due in full before you start the program.


All plans can be paid by credit card or bank ACH.   Special customized pricing plans available upon request. 


Our motivation is to open the door to a new kind of career path to any and all artists - whether recently graduated, or those in the workforce for a long time.  What is most important to us is that you understand what we are offering, and are excited to dive in with energy and enthusiasm. You’ve got to have the time available and the focus to dedicated 10-15 hours a week of online study along with your coaching sessions and group Zoom sessions.  Our main selection criteria 

  • How would a job in tech fit into your life/career?


  • Do you have the time and focus now to devote to this program?


  • Are you interested in finding a tech job immediately after completing the program?


We assume you’ve read our website and watched some or all of the videos. We assume you have the talent and aptitude to do this kind of work, and thus our questions are focused on getting to know you. We'd like to understanding  why this program makes sense for you in your life and career at this time.

After you apply, we'll follow up with you by email and there will be a one-on-one zoom interview with one of our staff before we make a decision.  We aim to get back to you within 10 days after your interview. 

Note:  Our Spring 2023 program is now underway.   If you are interested in a future cohort, we are accepting applications on a rolling basis.  There is no application fee..   

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