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Our Podcasts

Watch, listen or read a transcript of our conversations with people who have a hybrid career in the arts and technology.  


Podcast #1:

A Conversation with Rachel Hands

Rachel Hands is a classiclly trained french horn player who has been working in tech for 13 years. This is her story, and her advice. 


Podcast #2:
A Conversation with Jude Shimer

Jude Shimer is a mutli-talented performer, composer, and Salesforce Admin with a varied career.


Podcast #3: Another Conversation with Eugene Carr 

Gene is a cellist turned-tech entrepreneur, and founder of Stage and Screen Careers. Here's insight into his background and career path. 


Podcast #4: A conversation with Marie Webb

Marie Webb is a touring opera singer who also has a thriving freelance Salesforce Admin practice.


Podcast #5:
A Conversation with Inori Sakai

Inori Sakai, a violinist, describes her experience learning through the Stage and Screen Careers program and her new direction as a Salesforce admin.


Podcast #6: A conversation with Marques Hollie

Marques Hollie has been singing professionally for over a decade. Hear their insight on how they use a freelance career in Salesforce to balance their art & rabbinical studies.


Podcast #7:
A Conversation with Hailey Fuqua

Hailey Fuqua is an opera singer specializing in historical performance who has acted as a Salesforce admin for many companies, from arts/nonprofit organizations to her current career in the energy field. 

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