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Stage and Screen Careers -- Helping musicians and artists build “hybrid” careers in tech 


What it is:  A 12 week guided training course for musicians who want to have a sustainable career combining music with a high paying/flexible job in tech.  ( tech or math experience required, really) 


Why it's great:  Almost all musicians need additional income beyond what they earn playing music.. So why have a placeholder, low-paying job, when you can make upwards of $75K+ in a flexible and remote tech job? 


Who it's for:  We only work with artists, primarily musicians, but also actors, dancers etc. (That’s that’s our background as well.)

When and where it happens:  it’s all online.  We pair you with a mentor who meets with you weekly. There’s group sessions too,  and it all concludes in a certification exam that sets up you up to for job interviews..


Learn More --  Take a look  and interested, we'll speak with you or you can apply.  (There is no application fee.)

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