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Hire an Admin

Mentor-Guided Admin Internship Program


This is a carefully designed six-month program that bridges the gap between Salesforce training and real-world experience. Through this program, we provide companies with access to up-and-coming Salesforce Admins who have completed our rigorous 12-week training program and earned their Salesforce Associates certification.

We recognize the concerns that come with hiring not-yet-experienced talent, which is why we pair our interns with our own team of seasoned Salesforce Admin mentors, each of whom has a minimum of five years of Salesforce Admin experience. Our interns will work as a member of your team and will be supported in the background by our mentors - much in the way that a new pilot flies the plane along with a seasoned pilot during their early years of flying. Our Mentor-Guided Salesforce Admin Accelerator ensures that you receive quality work, as the mentor actively coaches and guides the intern throughout the placement. This unique approach offers a reliable, cost-effective solution to finding and developing skilled Salesforce professionals who are prepared to contribute to your organization's success.


Who are our Admins:

What is entirely unique about Stage and Screen Careers is that we only work with people with an artistic background, which means, actors, dancers, musicians, choreographers, photographers, playwrights and the like.  From our experience in working with this group of people for over 10 years, (see our history here) we know that our participants have these qualities that make them ideal admins: 

  • Goal-oriented. Creatives are used to setting and achieving goals. They know how to break down large projects into smaller, more manageable tasks, and they have the discipline to see things through to completion.

  • Detail-oriented. Creatives pay attention to the details. They are able to spot errors and inconsistencies, and they take pride in their work.

  • Self-starters. Creatives are used to working independently and with focus over time. Musicians, for instance, often have been practicing their instruments for many hours a day since they were very young. Actors memorize long Shakespeare scripts!  These people are able to manage their own time and stay motivated without supervision.

  • Creative. Creatives are able to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to problems. 

  • Collaborative. Creatives are used to working with others. They are able to build relationships with people from different backgrounds, and they are able to work towards common goals.

  • Communicative. Creatives are able to communicate their ideas effectively. They are able to write clearly and concisely, and they are able to give presentations that are both informative and engaging.


If you are seeking to hire an admin please fill out this form and we will provide you with an introduction to people who are ready to be hired.  We’ll send you their resume and give you some background, and then upon your approval we will make an email introduction, and you can interview them as you would any other candidate.  

If you choose to move forward, you hire the Admin for a period of six months during which time your only expense is a negotiated per-hour rate.  You pay the intern as you would any other employee but the coaching our admins receive from us at our expense.  At the end of the six month program, (or anytime before) you have the opportunity to hire the Admin as a full time member of your team.  


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